About us

“SEO takes time and you need years to be successful”
“Digital Marketing needs big budgets”
“Ads management team won’t be responsible for ROI”
Are you tired of hearing this? So were our founders, Ritika & Nauzad Dubash.

Being seasoned Digital Marketers themselves, our founders faced a myriad of challenges with every marketing agency they had to work with during their time as marketing professionals.

Ritika Kapur Dubash

I’m extremely frustrated with SEO agencies that charge a bomb but take 4 months to do simple tasks like updating metatags. The constant response I receive from all these agencies is that & you need at least 6 months to see results. At the end of 6 months, there was zero impact on organic search, and I had to switch to another agency demanding another 6 months before seeing any visible impact.

  • Training & Talent Management
  • Creative Communication
  • Digital Strategy
  • Management & Operations

Nauzad Dubash

I’m constantly frustrated dealing with various digital ad agencies that are always ready to blame the creative agency and/or other variables for ads underperforming.
No one takes ownership of ROI.

  • Ads Strategy
  • Organisational Process
  • Numbers
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing Tech
Collectively, they decided that it was time to change the way agencies worked.

Clients should start experiencing delight instead of frustration when dealing with agencies. HowToDigital was born as a way of providing meaningful solutions to our clients with no compromises on delight.

How To
delight our clients?
How To
boost ROAS?
How To
drive more organic sales?
How To
improve rankings on Google?

Still wondering why us?

All those clever, quirky, eye-catching & breathtaking marketing ‘things’ you wish your company would do? Let us help you come up with, implement, and manage them.

Our clients trust us for effective SEO, effective paid ad campaigns, and a trusting business relationship.

Our ultimate goal is to help your business reach its marketing potential. We deliver clear and measurable results through data-driven research and strategic planning. Our company does not shy away from investing in AI-based software to improve performance, quality, and quantity.

We take pride in the care and attention we give to each project regardless of size or value. Thousands of satisfied customers have seen their businesses grow due to the work we do.

We make sure we understand exactly what you need, the challenges you’re facing, and your goals for the future. The reason our customers stay with us is because we plan comprehensive strategies that work.

The Team

Nauzad Dubash

Co - Founder & Director

Ritika Kapur Dubash

Co - Founder & CEO

Kritika Dharia

Head - Human Resources

Shantanu Kundlaskar

Senior Account Manager

Darshana Mandle

Senior Account Manager

Prathmesh Jalgaonkar

Manager - Finance & Administration

Trisha Javeri

Human Resources & Adminitrative Specialist

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